Episode 21: Say good bye to our fearless lady Ronin by Anna of Star Wildfire

(Nickís voice) I know I donít want to do that to Anna but I have to. If I donít, Dark Red will touch Anna and will become powerful monster! Since I have crush on Anna, I have
plans to make her as my queen of vampiresí race but since I hate Dark Red, I wonít let her get away from that! I figure that out. If Annaís heart was destroying, Dark Red canít
become monster. She needs alive heart and lively body with soul. I donít want kill her but I have no chose. Itíll tear me apart but Iíll do it.
::inside the dream::

Keda saw the same monster that killed Rowen but this time, it disappeared. Keda donít
know where the monster/Dark Red is. Keda saw Ryo lying on the bed, hold the pillow hard. He was crying.

"Iíll kill Nick for kill my girl! Why?! Why he cut her heart into million pieces?!" said Ryo, sobbing.

Keda gasped. Nick cut her heart into pieces? Annaís dead? Thought Keda.

She saw the light. She turned her back and saw Anna!

"Anna! Donít go! We need you! Please donít die!!" cried Keda.

Anna looked at Keda and says nothing. Keda try to move her body but canít move. Anna smiled and waved her hand at Keda, then turn her back.

"AAAANNNNNAAAA!!!!!" yelled Keda.

Too late. She always becomes an angel. Anna is not going come back. Sheíll rest in peace forever.

"Anna!" sobbing Keda.

"Donít cry, Keda."

Keda looks up and canít believe it! Her mom and her dad!

"Mom! Daddy!" cried Keda.

::end of the dream::

Keda woke up and panting hard. Her parents died in the car wreak and she meets her parents in her dream? Itís almost real. Keda gasped and get up, running. She hope sheís not too late.

Rowen tries to figure how Anna got sick.

"Thatís strange. Her magic help her to avoid get sick.." said Rowen.

Oh man! I need a break or my brain will blow up! Thought Rowen.

When the door quick open, it scare Rowen to death.

"Aaaahh!" said Rowen.

"Is Anna ok?!" said Keda.

Rowen panting hard and his heart came out of his chest, beating.

"You scared me to death! And Anna is going to be ok! But I have hard time to try make her fever down." Said Rowen, saw the tears came out of her eyes.

"Whatís wrong, Kay?" said Rowen.

"IÖ" said Keda.

Her voice is breaking.

"I saw my parents in my dream." Said Keda.

"Oh, Kay.." said Rowen, hugged Keda.

"In my dream, somebody kill Anna and sheís angel." Said Keda, crying.

"Kay, donít worry. She is in our hands. Ryo and Sage are protect her too." Said Rowen.

"Why Sage?"

"Umm.. Itís long story but.. Sage is Annaís older brother and Eric is her twin brother." Said Rowen.

"I didnít know that. And I thought Eric and Sage are twin." Said Keda.

Rowen fell down.

"Thatís what I ask Sage and my answer is having a black eyeÖ" said Rowen.

"Ow." Said Keda, giggle.

"Time for bed."

"But itís 3:30 A.M! Iím not sleepy!" said Keda.

"Sorry but you need your rest for big day." Said Rowen, drag Keda to her bedroom.

A shadow is happy that the humans are gone. He took his dagger out and slowly walking in.
He looked at Anna for last time. He doesnít want doing that but he has no chose. Before
he does something, he locked the door in case somebody come in and attacks him. He
check to make sure his dagger is very sharp. It is enough to cut through the bone. Then
he looked at Anna for last time again.

"Good bye, Anna of Star Wildfire. Iíll miss you." Said Nick.


"Now, die!" said Ryo, moved his sword.

Lady Anna stopped the attack. She grasped the sword with her hand. Ryo was shocked. He wonders if itís hurt to do that. He saw the blood came out of her hand. Ryo looked at
Lady Anna. He moved her fingers and her hand off his sword. Her cut is badly deep. Ryo touched her palm. She yells in pain.

"This is stupid thing to do." Said Ryo, took his clean cloth out and clean her wound.

"You donít have to." Said Anna.

"I have too. I donít want kill a human."

"I say you donít have to!!" yelled Anna, attack Ryo like a cat.

Her nails cut Ryoís check. His check is start bleeding but it didnít make him stop cleaning Annaís wound. Anna gasped.

"Are you immortal?" said Anna.

"No. Iím mortal." Said Ryo.

"Then how come you ignore your pain?"

"Pain or cuts wonít stopped me from cleaning your wound." Said Ryo.

Anna starts crying.

"I know itís painful but soon, itíll stop." Said Ryo.

"Itís not that. Itís that creep."

"Whatís creep?"

"Talpa! He changes my life forever! I love to fight and become fighter but the other voice told me to ask one of Ronins for help."

"Iím here. Do you want to be free?"


"Donít worry. After weíll destroy Talpa, then youíre free." Said Ryo.

"Man! Thereís no way I can stop this bleeding." Said Ryo.

"Let me." Said Anna, moved her hand and touch her palm.

When she removed her hand, Ryo gasped and the wound is gone.

"You can heal it?" said Ryo.

"Yes." Said Anna.

She feels the pain in her heart.

::end of flashback::

Anna is fully waked. She gasped when the dagger is in her heart, painful. She didnít finish her flashback but somebody stopped her. She saw Nick. He moved his dagger and strikes it in her heart. This time, Anna screams so loudly enough to wake the others.

"What was that?!" said Rowen.

"Anna!!" said Keda, running.

"Whatís happen?! Is that Annaís scream?!" said Ryo.

"Yes!" said Sage.

When they reach the door, they hear her scream stopped.

"Anna!" said Ryo, opened the door but itís locked.

Nick finish cut Annaís heart into million pieces. Thereís no way for Dark Red has Annaís
body and soul. He hears somebody kicking the door. He disappeared. Ryo finally kick the door off.

"Anna?!" said Ryo, then gasped.

Lots of blood is all over the blanket.

"Whatís happen?!" said Sage.

Rowen rushed in and checks her pulse. His face turns into white like he saw a ghost.

"Howís she? Is Anna going be ok?" said Sea.

"No." panting Rowen.

"Weíre too late. Sheís always dead." Said Rowen, panting hard.

Ryo was shocked. Rowen looked at her chest where the blood came from. He was shocked.

"I donít believe it! Somebody torn her heart! Somebody murder her!" said Rowen.

"No! Anna!!" said Ryo.

Kento hold Ryo, try to not let him go to see it.

"My dream come true.. Is that mean our foe found us?!" said Keda.

Ryo hit Kento hard. He ran and looks at Anna, crying.

"AnnaÖ" said Ryo, crying and stroke her hair.

"I donít believe it. Kay was right.. Man! If I didnít leave, it wonít happen!" said Rowen.

"Anna." Said Sage, crying.

Eric is crying too. Well all the Ronins and Urk are crying.

"At the morning, weíll bury her body. Urk, where is her favorite spot?" said Rowen.

"She love rose garden.." said Urk.

"Anna.. Please donít leave us!" crying Ryo.

After Ronins buried Annaís body, Rowen think somebody kills her first and then cut her
heart into pieces. Everybody agree with him. In Sageís past, he thought he lost Anna in plane crush but in about 11 years later, Sage have Anna when sheís alive from the crush. And now, Sage lost her again. Eric doesnít want lost Anna because he likes her. Anna never treats Sage and Eric like little kids; their older sister does teases lots.

Itís hard for Ryo too. He loves her so much. Anna is his true soulmate. He doesnít want lost her.

"Whatís happen? Whatís your report?" said White Fire.

"I was too late for save Anna from Nick. Sheís dead now." Said Tiger Lily.

"No.. Her flashback is only way for her has Angel Inferno! Whose killed and stopped her?! And whoís Nick?!"

Tiger Lily knew heís mad. Anna is only his hope to free Black Fire.

"Nick is one of Talpaís warlords." Said Tiger Lily.

"Tell me their name." Said White Fire.

"Batty of Bat, Nick of Vampire, Mark of Nightmare, and Dark Red of Dark Wildfire."

"Looks like we have our hands full of battle. Tiger Lily!"

"Yes, master?"

"Go and meet other Ronins and explain everything, then I want you stay on Ryoís side."

"Why Ryo? I mean White Blaze is on his side!"

"I know that! In the future, Ryo is only can see an angel to be his guardian. Do you know whose angel is that?"

Tiger Lily thinking for a minute then shocked.

"Anna?" said Tiger Lily.

"Yes." Said White Fire.

"Excuse me while I take a nap." Said Tiger Lily, then pass out.

"Is there something I say?" said White Fire, sweatdrop and clueless.

"Ryo? The lunch is ready." Said Keda, knocked on the door.

It wonít be same without Anna. Thought Ryo, ignore the noise.

"Never give up with hope!" said Anna, thumb up.

"Letís kick some butt!" said Anna, winked.

"Iíll do everything to make your dream come true." Said Anna.

"Ryo, is it weird that our armor and our power are same?" said

Anna, smile sly.

Annaís laughing echo inside Ryoís head. He loves hear her laughing. Sheís tough fighter
and nobody can stand in her way. Ryo looks at Annaís orb that sitting next by Ryoís orb. He never forget the time how he meet Anna, in his dream, and when Anna lost
her memory; she thought her name is Louise. She died from save Ryo from Dark Red. But it turns out that Louise is Anna! Ryo took the small box out of his pocket.

"Why you have to died? Iím going to ask you that.." said Ryo, opened the small box.

Inside the box, a beautiful ruby ring that been shining by the Sunís rays. Ryo sighed. White Blaze knew that look. He knows how much Ryo want marry Anna. White Blaze is sad
too. All his life, he thought Anna is dead, but found out sheís alive from the battle that took place at North Pole where Anna and the girls fought against Terry.

"AnnaÖ" said Ryo, fell asleep.

He wore out from crying all morning. When he fell asleep, a tear came out of his eye.

"Thatís it. Iím going to drag Ryo downstairs." Said Keda.

Rowen grasps her wrists.

"Let Ryo coming. He need time." Said Rowen.

Keda sighed.

(Kedaís voice) I canít believe it. I found out that Anna was born deaf. I wish we had time to talk each other, like to know each other. But sheís deadÖ In my dream, unknown
Dark Red says she stole Annaís body/soul but sheís disappeared. Is it mean Annaís death is only way to change it? I mean it feel like Anna know whatís happen. But
since Rowen says somebody kill her. I wonder maybe she donít know about ĎDark Redí. I asked whoís
Dark Red is. Sage say that Dark Red looks like Anna but her hair is red likes blood. And her eyes are black and red. I start thinking when Sage told me her looks, is that mean Dark Red is Annaís dark side? I have no idea.

"OK. Let me straight that out." Said Tiger Lily.

"You want me to go and leave you? No! I donít want to!" said Tiger Lily.

"I know how much you love me. Weíre been friend for 500 years.." said White Fire.

"300 years and I become your mate during that time." Said Tiger Lily.

"My mistake. My brain is dead.." said White Fire.

Tiger Lily laughing.

"Youíre so funny!" said Tiger Lily.

"Yeah and can you believe our child is 14 year old?"

"Yeah. It feel like he born yesterday and today, heís off to save the races."

"Thatís good idea to do that. Remember, before Unicornsland born, a moon that have lots different races!"

"I remember that. My dear old friend is half dragon, half fairy."

"Yeah. I remember her. They breed with lots different races. And of course, lots of new monsters in new races."

"Can we see and talk to him before I leave?" said Tiger Lily.

"Sure, sweetheart." Said White Fire.

They walked to the huge room that have lots of computer and other stuffs. (like in SM when the girls have to go to future. Itís same thing.) White Fire touches the purple
button. The screen showed. It has somebody sleeping on the bed. The blanket is in askew. He sleeps in funny way. Tiger Lily and White Fire are sweatdrops.

"Is it happen to you when he was born?" said White Fire.

"No. Good thing it didnít happen to meÖ" said Tiger Lily.

"Snowclaw." Said White Fire.



Still sleeping like a baby. White Fire takes a deep breath and yell.

"SNOWCLAW!!!!!!!" yelled White Fire.

"WWWAAA!!!!" said half tiger, half human, jumped and fell off the bed.

"I think my eardrum flew out of my earÖ" said Tiger Lily, shaking her head from White Fireís yell.

"DAD!! Stop that! I have a good dream!" said Snowclaw.

"Son, itís 1:15 P.M on the Earthís time. Time to get up!" said White Fire.

"Dad, please doing the soft way like Mom did!" said Snowclaw.

"Sorry, son! I doing mine way!"

"Stop picking on our son!" said Tiger Lily, slap by his head.

"Thanks, mom. You save my life." Said Snowclaw.

He looks like Ryo but is about 5í3 Ĺ tall. His body covers short fur all over. The black
strips are on his checks. Some are on his arms and his legs. He has blue eyes. He have
tiger-like ears are on top of his head. He has a tail that look like tigerís tail.

"Ow.. Why I keep sleep on my tail all the time!" said Snowclaw, having tail cramp.

"I understand your pain. But do you find another races?" said Tiger Lily.

"WellÖ About ten monster in three different races. Man! Theyíre hard to find! I wish the
hunters arenít hunt that races!"

"Talpa is behind this. You know. But Terry brainwashed those and theyíre become her army."

"Do she know weíre real?! I mean weíre alive! Not make up from the computer!" said Snowclaw.

"Thereís only way to help is Ronin Warriors."

"You mean the one Uncle join?"


"Can I see him??? Itís been long time!" said Snowclaw.

"Why he love White Blaze more than us?" said White Fire.

"White Fire!" said Tiger Lily.

"When I grow up, I want to become like White Blaze!" said Snowclaw.

"Hello? Is there somebody who can remember me?" said White Fire.

"I canít wait to see Uncle White Blaze!"

"Can somebody remember their old man?" said White Fire, start water up.

"In one day, I may join the team where White Blaze is!" said Snowclaw.

"I start fee like Iím ghost or didnít born.." said White Fire, start feel like going to

"Dad? Whatís you whining about?" said Snowclaw.

"Nothing. It just that nobody donít care their old man.." said White Fire.

They look at White fire like heís out of his mind.

"Now, sweetheart, fix yourself and thereís a mission I like you going it." Said Tiger Lily.

"Sure, whatís it?" said Snowclaw.

"I want you go to Unicornsland and take Ronins with you. I think itís good idea to tell
Ronins about the races. And tell them why Terry and Talpa want those races. And I want
you check their DNA to see if they may member in their races. If one or more
have that, I want you give them a shot or the pill."

"You mean some do have tail???" said Snowclaw.

"Weíll see. And donít worry about that. Iíll join you later. Thereís something I need to do." Said Tiger Lily.

"íK. Oh mom? Our foods are getting short. Which planets that have more good food?" said Snowclaw.

"HmmÖ Why you take the races to the base to see if the gardensí food are growing?" said Tiger Lily.

"Ok. And after the war, we can find a planet or moon to live?"

"Yes. We need Sun Goddess for that."

"You mean she can make the planets and the moon?!"

"Yup! And we need find her. Sheís now reborn on the Earth. She is about 15 or 16 year
old. I donít know if her looks change.."

"Is she hottie?"

Tiger Lily knew how much Snowclaw loves hottie girls.

"Man, heís worse than Sage.." said Tiger Lily.

"Whoís Sage?" said Snowclaw.

"Youíll meet himÖ Good bye, and please fix yourself! Youíre look like youíre lazy!"

Then the screen goes off.

"Am not!" said Snowclaw, waving his arms.

Another big day. Thought Snowclaw, sighed.

"Mint!" said Snowclaw.

Half Pixie, half Tiger walked in.

"Yes, Snowclaw?" said Mint.

Her fur has blue and white. She has two white horns on top of her head. Her hair is blue
and short. (she comes from Monster Rancher. Thereís a link that has the image of her.


Yes, I love that show and I love all different kind of Pixie and Tiger! This episode is
little x-over with Monster Rancher. ^_^- author)

"I want you find a map of Unicornsland. I need to find somebody. Do you remember the
legend of Ronin Warriors?" said Snowclaw.

"Oh yes!" said Mint, clapping her hands and wiggling her fuzzy tail.

Her tail is blue but the white is at the end of her tail. Snowclaw canít help but smile.
Mint is kind of happy person. She looks at Snowclaw.

"You mean theyíre going to help us to find the races?" said Mint.

"Yes. And my mom, Tiger Lily say I need to check their DNA to see if one or more of
Ronins may be one of the missing races." Said Snowclaw, looked at Mint.

"Now, go. You know whatís to do." Said Snowclaw.

Mint bowed and walking out of his room. She canít stop giggle when she came in. Then she is laughing soft.

Snowclaw feel chill on his legs. He look downs and shocked. He is wearing only his boxer!
And Mint always saw that! His face is all red. He never shows his face again..

Mint flying to the engine room. She saw a large monster walking down with 12 feet long
metal. His race called Golem. Heís not very bright but heís very strong. (again, he
came from MK. Thereís a link of Golem. http://www.mrkingdom.com/golemgall/golem.jpg)

Heís rock type monster.

"Golem!" said Mint.

"Mint." Said Golem.

"Whereís Hare?" said Mint.

"This way." Said Golem, point the way.

"Thanks!" said Mint, flying away.

"Very cute." Said Golem, watching Mint away, then start walking.

Mint saw Hare. He looks like a rabbit. His fur is brown and white. He is about 4í3 tall.
He is very smart monster. All he does is use the math and figure something out. He works
on something.

"Hare!" said Mint.

She make Hare jumped and something that he working on, start blew up.

"Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" said Mint.

"YeahÖ" said Hare, cleaning his fur.

"We have new order." Said Mint.

(Again, thereís link of image of Hare. http://www.mrkingdom.com/haregall/hare.htm )

"Anna! Hang on! Iím coming!" said Ryo, attack Talpa who have Anna in his hand.

But he failed. He calls his attack.

"Flame up now!" said Ryo.

And his attack failed too.

"Better say good bye to your girl!" said Talpa, laughing.

"No!" yelled Ryo.

Talpa squeeze Anna hard. She screams in pain. Her armor starts breaking up.

"Anna!" said Ryo.

Ryo gasped and woke up. He is panting hard.

"Anna.." said Ryo, start crying.

"Rowen? Whatís we do now?" said Keda.

"I donít know. Weíll see." Said Rowen.

"I have no idea Unicornsland is that beautiful." Said Keda.

"Yeah. No cars, no crowed people, no building and other stuff that make it look bad."

"Yeah, I agree with ya. The Earth is ok but people ruin it. I mean they cut the trees,
ruined animalsí home."

"Yes. And lots of cars accident hit the animals on the road. I feel sorry for little kids
whose lost their pet when they got hit be the car." Said Rowen.

"Yeah." Said Keda.

"Look like weíre all aloneÖ."

"Yeah. Hey, whatís you mean?" said Keda.

"You, me, the moon, and the beach." Said Rowen.

"Stars too?" said Keda.

"Yes, stars too."

Rowen is going to kiss Keda. A baby flying unicorn fell and lands on Rowen. (like in SM,
when Rini fell off the sky and land on Serena)

"Keda!" said baby flying unicorn.

"Oh! How cute!!!" said Keda, hug the baby.

"MedicÖ" said Rowen, laying on the ground and have one foot tall bump on his head.

"Snowclaw! I found it!" said Hare.

"Where?" said Snowclaw.

"Itís close to the Sun."

"Sun??? Is it too hot to live?"

"No, Unicornsland is part of fire moon."

"Fire moon?"

"It mean the moon is made from the fire, flame, or lava. The plants donít need water. It
need heat of Sun rays to growing!"

"Wow.. I never heard of that before.."

"I try to make you learn that!" said Hare, pop a vein.

"I hate homework!" said Snowclaw.

"Itís good for your brain!" said Hare, pop a vein.

"No way! Ok! On the way to Unicornsland!" said Snowclaw.

To be continued! (donít sue me!-author)